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  • Freshest flower in Cowlitz County
  • Best prices for widest variety of strains
  • Quality assurance / pesticide tested


  • Rapid consumption process
  • Ultra potent and THC rich
  • Rosin, Live Resin, RSO, Distillates and so much more


  • Save Time
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Perfect for on the go

Vape Cartridges / Disposables

  • Lack of smell, better taste
  • Discreet, easy to carry, more potent
  • Can reduce inhalation of carcinogens


  • Yummy taste with flavor variety
  • No inhalation
  • Longer effects
  • Vegan / gluten free / sugar free options


  • May help reduce pain, inflammation, & discomfort
  • Potentially reduces anxiety and depression
  • May help alleviate symptoms related to neurological disorders

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